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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sarah Azhari

Sarah Azhari (born in Jakarta, June 16, 1977, age 33 years) is an actress and model from Indonesia. He is the brother of Ayu Azhari, Ibra Azhari and Rahma Azhari. Sarah is more often worked as a model rather than starring in a movie or sing. Together with senior actress Christine Hakim, he starred in the film director Garin Nugroho entitled Leaves on Top Pillows. In 1999, she released an album titled "Hug me Kiss me".


In July 2005, she prosecuted the case the beating of a journalist infotainment. Finally he was rewarded four-month jail sentence. The case was not fully completed because Sarah can not accept a court decision and intend to appeal to the Supreme Court level. [1]

End of November 2008, Sarah and her sister, Rahma Azhari, entangled case nude photos spread on the internet. The case was eventually handled by the authorities to request assistance telematics expert Roy Suryo.

In March 2009, Sarah began to undergo a series of related outstanding breadth of these siblings nude photos. Sarah accompanied by lawyer, Farhat Abbas, Roy Suryo finally reported on charges of defamation.

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