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Sunday, February 20, 2011


Sheila Marcia Joseph (born in Malang, East Java, September 3, 1989; age 21 years) is a model and movie player and soap operas.

Sheila began her career as a finalist GIRL Cover 2004.After that, Sheila was entering the art world by starring film role extracurricular (2006) with Jose Ramon Tungka (Guest VJ Ramon) and Metha Yunatria. Film director Nayato Fio Nuala then won the FFI 2006, although later annulled his victory, after it is assessed the work of cheating. Sheila later starred in a horror movie, Ghost Orange Purut (2006) that catapulted his name.

Sheila never establish love with Adi Nugroho presenter known as the AFI event reader then with pesinetron Ricky Aaron, who is a former girlfriend of Chelsea Olivia Wijaya. However, this relationship did not last long, they broke up. Later, Sheila established in love with Roger Danuarta. After breaking up with Roger, he was going out with Jupiter Fortissimo (Josh called Pieter).

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