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Thursday, January 27, 2011


 Titi Dwijayati, better known as Titi DJ (born in Jakarta, May 27, 1966, age 44 years), is a singer, pop diva, actress and songwriter Indonesia. He is one of the group which also consists of 3 Diva Kris Kristofferson and Ruth and had previously been incorporated in the music group whose members Adarapta Atiek CB, Endah Soebroto and Titiek Hamza. Until 2008, he was one of the judges in a talent search show of singing, Indonesian Idol. He never followed the Miss World 1983 in London, England. The songs that became hits among others Imagination (1984), The First the Happy (1986), Expressions (1988), Titi DJ 1989 (1989), The World Can Laughter (1990), Star Star (1994), Want (1996) , and Language Heart (1999). 

 Career Early career
Since the entry BC, Titi begin enjoying the world model. Several times his face appeared in teen magazines and began known to the public. His mother also always looking for opportunities for Titi could join the prestigious race. Titi joined the 1983 Radio & Television Stars Contest and won Third Place, Best Able Champion also. But the provision was not enough to help when Titi want to look at Aneka Ria Safari, the most prestigious event for the singer at the time. Titi was rejected because it does not have an album. 


The opportunity to record came from JK Records. The offer comes thanks to the efforts Frans Hasibuan, coordinator of music events Cameras Ria, where Titi often appear. Unfortunately Titi did not get a meeting point with Judi Kristianto about music that can be brought. At that time, JK Record is known as a record company that spawned the album mendayu, while Titi accustomed to appreciate music Addie MS, Barlow Girl, or thunder Soekarnoputra. Although not a record, Titi does not break the spirit to seek opportunities and appeared on television shows. Titi even glance at the world of film and started playing in comedy films, who was indeed emerging-proliferation. His first film, titled Gepeng Pay Cash (1983). Following the election of Miss World 

The film also brings Titi got an offer from Mrs. Andi Nurhayati, a film producer, to attend the Miss World. Of course, the opportunity was not wasted even though Titi not follow a beauty contest in the country. Unfortunately his return from the event (held in England), Titi must face the bitter truth. Various media to protest his departure and called it as illegal and accused participants debauch. In fact it is said, the First Lady at the time, Mrs. Tien Soeharto was very angry.  First Album
Although disappointed, but it is also thanks to the popularity of fast uphill Titi. Titi often got an offer to play films and recordings of Jackson's record bid. In 1984, Titi released debut album, Imagination.
Collaboration with Indra Lesmana
Although album sales are not too good, producers are satisfied with the results. Entering 1985, Titi was busy preparing his second album, The First of the Blessed. In making the album Titi acquainted with Indra Lesmana. Soon they were having love. Titi subsequent albums do not get out of arable Indra, Expressions (1988), and Titi Dj '89 (1989). Titi also briefly joined together Adarapta Atiek CB and spawned two albums. Along santernya issue that success just because Indra Titi beside him, their relationship has terbina for 7 years came to an end in mid-1991. After breaking up with Indra, the people began to question Titi singing career. Albums judged not successful and that Titi is not guaranteed kelarisan album. Lenong ngerumpi.
Not to be discouraged, Titi continues to struggle and become a more cheerful person. Harry de Fretes leadership Lenong chat, which is very popular in RCTI tayangannya which was not aired nationally, offered Titi to join. Titi success appears to accompany Ira Wibowo, Debby Sahertian, Ferina, and Ade Juwita. Lenong chat also took on record an album, titled I Think emangnya. In fact, Titi also starting to break out the soap opera world, including Strong Body, The play Three Duda, Shortcuts, Crazy Days, and the most popular, Nurlela.
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