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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


DewiPerssik that have a real name DewiMuryaAgung (born in Jember, East Java, December 18, 1985, age 25 years) is an Indonesian dangdut singer. Princess partner H. Moch Aidil (father) and Hj. Sri Muna (mother) is claimed to have Chinese ancestry from his grandmother


Dewi is known for his song Bintang Pentas. Peach own name given by his manager, Mr. Yogi, for his career shines like peaches in China is considered as the fruit of good luck. Soap operas ever starring, among others, Dream
Dewi Sweet and Legend eps. Nyi Ronggeng. But Dewi's career is not always smooth. Goddard is famous for its Goyang gergajinya started getting criticized for his stage act is pleasant, as well as minimal and tight clothes. The climax is when the Dewi's after filling a TPI anniversary events held at Istora, January 23, 2008. Chest Dewi suddenly touched by a man. When the goddess wearing a white tank top with black stripes. Before touching breasts Dewi, the man stole fad Dewi breast images with the camera phone is busy when pedangdut sexy interviewed. Incidence of breast Dewi who became public consumption is not the first place. In 2005, thanks to sway too 'hot' in a show SCTV, Goddard's exciting breasts go poking. The incident lasted only a few seconds

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